All piers and cruise terminals now have high security measures in place to screen vehicles entering the premises. As a result, all vehicles that arrive by vehicle will not be permitted to drop off passengers at or near any cruise terminal or pier entrance and will instead be required to park at a designated parking lot or parking garage and leave their passengers at the curb side. Passengers are advised to proceed with their luggage to the pickup area which will then be dispatched from our office. Our dispatcher will call the driver so he or she can pick up your party as soon as you arrive at the pickup area.

Cruises are a popular vacation choice when going away, but traveling to the port of embankment has its challenges. Whether you have to drop your vehicle off at the airport, or board a train or bus, it can be time-consuming and stressful. In addition, traveling on foot to and/or from piers means you need to walk along busy streets in crowded conditions. Fortunately, Morales Transportation Services is here to help with transportation service to Long Island’s Cruise Terminals.

Pier and Cruise staffs have provided clients with the best sea transportation services and private yacht charters in Morales Transportation Services. Our vehicles are always driven by the knowledgeable staff and experienced chauffeurs who give that extra mile to ensure that you have a wonderful experience. We offer some of the best transportation services for cruise ship passengers, business travellers and private events.

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